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3 Ways to Reverse Male Pattern Baldness

No doubt about it, losing your hair is stressful. Once you notice your hair thinning, it is challenging not to notice and fixate on the problem when you are in front of the mirror. Taking a proactive and comprehensive approach is the most important way to combat male pattern baldness.

How to be Proactive

Taking action is the most important step forward. The sooner you take action, the more likely you will notice a significant reduction of hair loss, and eventually hair regrowth. Unfortuantely, many men do not start acting on their hair loss until they have already noticed more pronounced balding.

Signs of Hair Loss

  • Hair loss during shampoo, brushing, and on the sink
  • Hair no longer can be styled and brushed the same way without losing shape
  • A receding hairline
  • Hair grows slower
  • Develop a bald spot at the crown of head

Explore your options

Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Hair Fibers are common ways to reduce hair loss, regrow hair, and generate instant results. Finasteride and minoxidil are scientifically proven to stimulate hair growth in men. Finasteride is known to cause birth defects if women become pregnant while touching the pills or taking Finasteride. Only men should use Finasteride.

Minoxidil for Men

Minoxidil was introduced as a treatment originally for high blood pressure, and people noticed they were regrowing hair in places where they had lost it. Research studies confirmed that minoxidil applied directly to the scalp could regrow hair. Most men need to use the solution for at least two months to see results. go Cover does not recommend women take minoxidil solutions.

Hair Fibers

Hair fibers are purely cosmetic solution to instantly have thicker hair. go Cover has developed natural keratin fibers that bind to your existing hair and can cover up thinning areas with fibers that match your current hair color. The fibers wash out during regular shampooing and can be applied for all-day results.

Using hair fibers, Finasteride, and minoxidil for men is a full court press against baldness. Women are advised to consider hair fibers and moxidil for best results to combat thinning hair.

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