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What is the least expensive way to purchase Finasteride?

Using Finasteride is typically a long-term commitment for most men. Mail order companies typically leverage insurance plans to mail you the pills, and the plans may help subsidize the cost of the medicine. Surprisingly, other guys find that good Rx has better pricing and more retail pharmacy choices where you can get your prescription faster and more conveniently than praying the mail delivers successfully. Also, picking up you own prescription assures privacy as you never know who may be going through your mail.

What is profile of someone interested in purchasing an annual prescription?

Often times, people want to avoid being charged on a subscription model.  The same people who prefer to own a smartphone outright might have the same considerations. Phone models change quickly, and you might want the flexibility of not being tied into payments for months on end by a service provider.

What if I want to speak with the physician about my prescription?

It’s understandable that you might have some questions about whether you’re the right fit to try Finasteride to regrow your hair. Our physicians are glad to call you back to discuss any questions you may have about your Finasteride prescription or your history of hair loss.

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